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Benefits of Owning a Sliding Door

Homeowners who want to save additional space in their home should veer away from installing a door that’s attached to hinges. These traditional door types will take up several feet of floor space every time you open and close it.

You don’t want to consume a ton of space because you have multiple hinged doors installed. This is an even bigger concern if you live in a small home with only a few hundred square meters of space. It would be an impractical choice, to say the least.

A sliding door is the door type of choice for couples or families who live in a small apartment or a condominium unit. They prefer it because it doesn’t consume a lot of space after it gets installed whether as a door for one of the bedrooms or the main door.

Furniture can be placed nearer the sliding door. It doesn’t get hit when it opens which means you have more space for other stuff inside your home. This type of door is the preferred option not only for small living units but also offices and hotels.

A sliding glass door also adds beauty and elegance to the interior of homes. You can purchase glass doors with varying designs. You can consult with an interior designer or just choose the door that you think matches with the overall look of your home.

For homeowners who want to minimize the space their doors occupy, a pocket sliding door would be the choice for you. This door slides into a pocket space set on the side during the installation process. It hides the door when you open it.

Glass sliding doors also function as a divider for your home. You can install it to get a view of your backyard or front yard from the inside. It also allows light to pass through which means you can save electricity since you won’t need to turn on the lights during the day.

The track for your sliding door allows it to move easily on it giving you quick access to the area where you want to go. Sliding doors also includes a composite gasket which can act as an insulator for your home. It helps keep the room cool because the chilly air won’t seep out that easily.

A sliding door with the proper security features will keep burglars away from your home. You can keep your door shut tight with the right gasket and aluminum seals. This keeps the doors from being easily lifted out of its track.

Sliding doors are also convenient when you have a party or small gathering in your home. You can leave the doors open so you can have your guests walk in and out of rooms easily. It opens a temporary hallway for your home as well.

Sliding doors are being increasingly installed around homes because of the convenience and security that it provides. Contact your nearest sliding door contractor for installation, repair, and door lock service, if you need help with a problem related to sliding doors.

How Sliding Doors Adds Space

Multi-fold or dual-fold doors are more popularly known as sliding doors in the market. The most demand for these types of doors come from the residential areas. Homeowners are attracted to them because you can find many different designs which they can match to the theme of their home. Others also buy it for the functional and practical features.

A properly installed sliding door can have a six-meter opening depending on the design. Using the folding, sliding mechanism allows it to stack seamlessly on it’s track or the hinges. The panels move in such a way that it provides space.

These openings can create more space for your home. Several people can pass through your patio space and the outdoor garden with ease. Large furniture can be moved more easily because there is an opening big enough to let it pass through.

You can open huge openings and create a temporary hallway between the inside living space and the outdoor space you’ve allocated for your house. This adds the illusion of more space especially if you invited guests. Homeowners can also provide a better atmosphere where people can properly entertain guests.

Renovation works are also a perfect place where sliding doors can be installed. A wall that was dividing rooms can be replaced with a new sliding door. The previously enclosed space can be opened with a properly installed sliding door.

Most homes are now adopting the concept of allowing natural light to enter the room. A glass sliding doors help you with that interior design dream. It gives customers the chance to experiment with environmentally-friendly but elegant designs. The natural light provides better lighting and can even deliver a new atmosphere for your space.

People are now investing in glass doors because of the value of money if provides. It has many different features and benefits that paying for a good priced door will bring value to your home through the improved design and functionality.

A sliding door adds a certain elegance to your interior. The real estate industry puts an additional value to any home who has a glass sliding door incorporated in the design. If you plan to sell your home with a newly-designed glass door, the resale value will be much higher than if you don’t have a glass door.

Homes that regularly get many visitors should consider a sliding door as an investment. With the proper design and functional features, it will allow you to host and entertain guests on a regular because your space can be expanded by opening your sliding doors. This can even save you some money from getting some improvised party halls during your important celebrations.

In the market, a sliding door is usually priced higher than the other door types. However, they bring a ton of benefits for the homeowner which adds to the value of these types of doors. Just make sure you get a proper sliding door contractor in your area so that you won’t have a problem with the installation of the sliding door.

Mosquito Screen on Sliding Door

Warm weather brings with it many good and bad benefits. People love the warm weather because they can vacation to beautiful places. For homeowners, it also brings unwanted guests that want to invade your home if you’re not careful.

To be protected from flies, you rub mosquito repellent on your skin or you spray some type of chemical to kill off these insects. Installing a fly screen on your is like the mosquito repellent for your home especially when you have a sliding door.


The weakness of a fly screen is that it easily gets damaged with continued use. Most have more fragile materials because it needs to continue to facilitate air flow and ventilation but also keep the flies from passing through. A hole or tear on your fly screen is a sign that it is damaged and that it needs to get fixed, so you won’t have a problem.

For people who have a damaged fly screen, there are tools you need to have so you can properly perform a repair on a damaged screen. You need a pair of scissors, some fly wire, spline roller, utility knife, plastic spline, and some old newspapers for better packing. Here are some steps you can follow to properly fix your fly screen:

  1. Removal of your fly screen. Make sure that you remove it by laying down the frame for the screen to prevent damages during repair. Keep the screen spline face up to prevent further damage.
  2. The spline connects the whole screen to its frame which means to fix it you should be able to disconnect the screen from the spline. You need to be careful because you don’t want any unnecessary tears/damage.
  3. Ensure the frame for the screen will have it at the center. Cut along the sides if the screen doesn’t fit the frame. There are screen rolls that properly cut the screen for fitting.
  4. The spline should be handled properly to make sure the it fits into all corners of your field of vision.
  5. The spline should also be properly installed because you don’t want the screen to be moving around.
  6. Poking a small hole on the screen will allow the spline to get tucked inside the frame. After that, you proceed with the installation of the spline roller.
  7. The spline roller allows the spline to properly be inserted inside the frame. The entire screen should be properly installed up to the corners of the frame. Be careful not to use any tools such as screwdrivers because it can cause damage the screen you’re not careful.
  8. You have the screen on the frame with the rubber spline on the channel. The screen will be tight if the proper installation of the screen was done.

Those are some of the easy steps that you can do if you plan to install a sliding door in your home. Follow these pointers and your mosquito screen can be properly installed on your sliding doors. Get the perfect protection with these reliable products.

Tips on Securing you Glass Door

Homeowners need to keep their home safe and secure. You must take extra measures if you own a sliding glass door. Finding a sliding glass door service company that can help you with your repair needs, as well as, ensure the security of your door should be your primary goal.

Block the Door Track

Burglars who try to enter your home through your sliding door will try to open it up as wide as possible for easy entry and exit. There are ways that you can keep them from doing this by learning how to block the door track.

Your sliding door runs on a track, so you can open and close it as narrow or wide as you can. Fill the track with some material to keep the door from opening at its widest. No need to fill the whole track just the inside part of the track up to the part you need it in.

Cover with Curtains

Burglars survey homes before they pinpoint a possible target. When you have glass door, burglars can see what’s inside, your activities, schedules when there are people in the house. It would be good if you install a curtain to cover up the glass door. This keeps potential threats from knowing when your home is vacant.

Commercial Lock System

Commercial grade locks are readily available in many hardware stores in the city. They have locks that can fit your sliding door at home. Find a professional lock installer to help you with the proper installation of the lock system. You can choose from the traditional lock and key or you can purchase a lock manufacturer that sells products that come with an alarm system.

Home Alarm System

Most modern homes now have an alarm system to keep burglars out. They come with the best security features available in the market securing everything from doors to windows. Installing your own home alarm system will be great for your peace of mind.

Purchase a home alarm system that can be attached to your sliding door. You need help with professional sliding door installers and your alarm technician to be able to do that properly. These alarms are the “set it and forget it” types which means you avoid the hassle of worrying about it getting tripped up unnaturally.

Security Film

A security film is a thin, transparent barrier which can be bonded to your glass door reinforcing it, so it doesn’t break on impact. You also need professional help installing this film because of the delicate procedure. It keeps away burglars and will protect you glass door from breaking during harsh weather conditions.

Sliding Door Replacement

The methods above are good for when your sliding door is working as it should. However, if you’re sliding door is malfunctioning, the best thing to do is to do is replace it with a new one. It may be the glass, the track, or the full assembly you have to hire a professional glass door service provider in your area to determine the best course of action.

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