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    Welcome! We specialise in unlocking and replacing sliding/glass door lock & knob around Shah Alam, Selangor. We offer high-quality service at an affordable price. All services come with 90 days workmanship warranty.

    Sliding door locks are as important as the rest of your security system. Do not ignore any first signs of latch or lock problems to prevent security breaches in your property. Call a professional sliding door specialist to help you address the problem today. 

    Fixing the problem yourself may further result to more problems with the lock system. We have team of experts in finding solutions to common sliding door lock problems, including unlocking, repairs, and installation. Give us call today if you are experiencing problems with your lock. We are confident we can solve it for you.

    Our Door Lock Services in Shah Alam

    We offer the following services specific for the lock systems of sliding doors:

    Door Unlocking

    Whatever door it may be, the possibility of getting locked out of your own property is extremely normal. With this, we have dedicated an emergency team to address unlocking problems among our current and new clients. Whether you are locked out or simply having issues unlocking your sliding door, we got your back.


    Lock Repair

    Experiencing troubles with securing your lock seamlessly? Perhaps its needing a repair or an upgrade. We have experts in lock repairs to make sure your entire sliding door system is secured and working.

    Lock Replacement

    We are constantly upgrading our lock system supplies for our sliding door systems to ensure that we are up to date with the security trends in the market. We offer full replacement and installation of new locks for our clients.

    Working With Us

    Through the years, we have explored lots of ways to make our processes easier and faster for all our clients. Here’s the easy steps to keep in touch with us and learn more about our services (for non-urgent services):

    Step 1, INQUIRY: 

    Send us a message via our Contact Us form or Whatsapp (insert number here). For repairs and replacements, it is best to send us a photo of the faulty part of your sliding door for a more accurate assessment.


    Our team will proceed with assessment of the request and get back to you with a quotation.

    Step 3, BOOKING:

    If ready to proceed, we will ask for your details including full name, address, and preferred date and time of service. The booking process will commence upon receipt of these details.

    Step 4, DISPATCHING:​

    We will dispatch our installation or repair team to your identified address. Depending on the service requested, the entire process will  take as short as 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

    Step 5, FEEDBACK:

    We would appreciate to hear from you about our recent service. Do leave us your feedback through our customer service or Google business page.

    For emergency unlocking concerns, send us a direct message on Whatsapp so we can address your concern right away.

    Why Choose Us?


    Professional services

    We only employ professional sliding glass door experts to work on your problem with these products. They follow a step-by-step process when doing repairs and installation work which is a mark of quality products.

    Online Booking Service

    You can go to our site and book for our services online. No need to go to the newspaper or struggle with finding a sliding glass door contractor around Malaysia. It’s easy enough to do to get quality services.





    I find out about unlocking service of the company through the nternet and they rescue me from my locking problems of our stores door! Thankfully, we are able to open the store just on time.




    Great service! Friendly and competent staff. We are loving our new lock system now!

    Let Us Help You Today

    Lock problems and upgrade? Send us a message through Whatsapp or email today to receive your quotation. We service around Shah Alam.

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